For applicants from abroad




Our agency is characterized above all by the close cooperation with agencies outside of Germany. We maintain an extremely close relationship with our partners, who are located throughout Europe and also in Africa. It is particularly important to us to communicate intercultural and international cooperation. BW-Med-Consult primarily stands for a connection between Germany and abroad in the field of medicine and nursing.

The reason for this close and above all frequent cooperation is the high qualification of foreign workers. The focus here is primarily on geriatric nurses from abroad, who come to us with high motivation, as well as high qualifications and enthusiasm for work. Below are the countries whose close cooperation we really appreciate:

• Tunisia
• Morocco
• Algeria
• North African countries
• Spain

The result is a win-win situation. We as a company and our customers to be looked after benefit from the qualified and motivated foreign specialists. On the other hand, foreign specialists benefit at least as much. They all dream of a carefree life in Germany. In contrast to her homeland, Germany offers huge progress at all levels, i.e. politically, socially and economically. We give you the opportunity to become part of it. And that is exactly what these specialists really appreciate. In addition, these migrants can gain a foothold directly through our company and we can thus contribute a large part to their integration.

Opportunities to work in Germany for foreign specialists


Furthermore, working in an attractive country like Germany can create a new perspective for the future. In many countries, especially in North Africa, people do not get an attractive perspective for their future and the opportunity to work in the medical field is limited. The placement in Germany offers motivated and ambitious specialist employees new opportunities and opens many doors.

Requirements for specialist staff from abroad


Applicants from abroad who want to apply for a cooperation with our agency need some papers and also have to meet a few requirements. The first priority is the work visa, which enables workers from abroad to live in Germany. But how do you get this work visa? The following requirements must be met for a successful application for a German work visa:

• The applicant must have completed an official professional qualification
• The applicant must have certain German language skills (level B1)
• Internships or general professional experience abroad are an advantage, but not a requirement
• In individual cases, an aptitude test may be required to test the applicant's knowledge

One of the aims of our agency is to make these processes easier for employers, but also for employees.

The German embassy works closely with interested applicants and supports them with the application. Because the visa alone is not enough to be given to potential employers at our agency. The following steps are part of starting work for applicants from abroad:

• Application form to be submitted to the German embassy in the respective country
• Copies of documents such as passport, job reference and passport photos
• Certificate of graduation (using the example of Tunisia, the Diplôme universitaire is required here)
• A valid health insurance that is current for the period of your stay in Germany

Support from our agency


Our job is not only to enable the personnel to be placed in Germany. We also take care of suitable accommodation for the individual person and try to respond to wishes as specifically as possible. Support for the formalities is also a high priority for us, as our aim is to make the placement as easy and positive as possible for the workers.

Personnel costs


Is our service free of charge for staff from abroad? No, not completely. We calculate a sum of 450 euros for the support with the formalities and the recognition of the German state, as well as the visa. The rest of the service that our agency offers is completely free of charge for applicants.