For German applicants




Our service is of course not limited to staff from abroad, but also within Germany we have a wide network of freelancers from the medical fields. Are you also working on a freelance basis in medicine and are currently looking for a suitable position? Here, too, the professional service from BW-Med-Consult can help.

Requirements for freelance nursing staff


In order to accept a job offer with us, there are some important requirements to be met first. These serve to support our professional work and at the same time to protect employers and employees.

• Diploma in a relevant medical field
This applies primarily to nursing or healing staff. If you work as a doctor on a freelance basis, the following rule applies to you:
• Holds a license to practice in Germany
• Completed specialist OR at least three years of professional experience as an assistant doctor
• Official registration of freelance work at the responsible offices
• Private liability insurance (especially in clinics)

Regardless of which area of medicine you come from, there are also some personal requirements that have to be met in order to join us. This includes, for example, a certain local flexibility. This is the basis for freelance work and therefore the most important personal requirement.

An open character is also of the utmost importance and at the same time also presupposes that it is not a problem for you to get involved in new situations or unfamiliar environments.
If you apply to us as a freelancer, we also expect that the work can be integrated into your daily routine. A certain spontaneity is therefore very important to us and we will also ask you about this in a personal conversation.

Documents required for healthcare professionals


In order to register in our system and our agency, we need some documents from you. Most of the documents are independent of their specialty or education.

• For specialists: license to practice and a specialist certificate
• Curriculum vitae
• Doctorate
• Proof of medical care and exemption from the German pension insurance obligation
• ID card or passport

You can submit these to us without any problems and it will take a few days until you pass our professional exam.

Support from our agency


Our agency also offers excellent support for formalities for German applicants. Here it mainly refers to the registration of freelance work and the regulations with the insurance company. When changing location, the search for accommodation is of course also included, so that employees can also be guaranteed a unique customer experience with us.

Personnel costs


Is our service free of charge for staff from abroad? No, not completely. We calculate a sum of 450 euros for the support with the formalities and the recognition of the German state, as well as the visa. The rest of the service that our agency offers is completely free of charge for applicants.