Medical institutions




This is relevant for you if you are looking for qualified freelance personnel on behalf of a medical institution. In this case our agency BW-Med-Consult can assist you and we guarantee the best possible service for the right support in your company.

Why should you choose us?


Thanks to our experience in the placement of specialist personnel, which has been going on for many years, it is possible for us to approach the placement professionally right from the start. The placement process can take some time, especially if the staff comes from abroad. To make this time as pleasant as possible for you, we offer a very good customer service who is able to answer all questions about the investigation.

In our agency you have the possibility to publish the advertisements for the personnel search free of charge. We also offer you excellent after-placement services, ensuring that you, the customer, have a flawless experience with us throughout the collaboration.
We also provide support in organizational matters relating to mediation and are immediately at your side with all questions.

With us as a partner, you ensure that your company is characterized by permanently competent and reliable specialist staff. We take care of you and ensure that your medical facility develops in the best possible direction. And we can guarantee that this can only be done with professional specialist staff based on years of experience in the industry.

When can our service be used?


When and for what reason you decide to work with us as a placement agency can vary widely. The search for more staff comes into play when there is a shortage of staff. Triggered by illness, vacation or pregnancy, this can lead to major deficits in the medical field that need to be compensated for. 24 hour service is increasingly necessary, especially in the area of care. However, this offer is impossible with a shortage of staff and this is where we come into play. To make this possible for you, we offer the placement of cheap, but at the same time reliable and experienced staff from abroad. Our service is comparatively fast and can therefore be of great help at any time, even in emergency situations.

But we are happy to assist you not only as a representative of medical institutions, but also as a private individual. In the case of relatives in need of care, placement of professional staff can be a great relief for you. Here, too, we offer you quick and uncomplicated placement, which for you is primarily based on cost-effective foundations. A trained expert can advise you in these situations and we would be happy to help you find suitable staff for your loved ones.

What are the advantages of our service?


Now to the important question: what advantages will become clear for you if you decide to work with our agency. On the one hand, this relieves you of a great burden in terms of the time-consuming and strenuous search for suitable personnel. Due to our many years of professional experience, we know that this can take some time, especially in the area of medical or nursing staff.

On the other hand, there is the flexibility that you gain through our service. Not only in the case of vacation or illness, but also if there is an emergency or an urgent emergency in the personnel causes problems in everyday work. Instead of taking care of the application and the process of new employees yourself, this is also easier. We take care of your concerns and ensure that we will deal with the shortage of staff as quickly as possible. In addition, this is an inexpensive and independent way for you.

The choice for a suitable and above all also competent medical professional can be long. In the German market in particular, the search is lengthy and complicated. In order to avoid this, we offer you our professional support in the search for suitable personnel on a freelance basis. We are based on many years of support and only limit our work to competent and well-trained staff. So you can be assured that our freelancers fit into your everyday work as desired. And even in the event of a problem, we are always available to you and will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

One fact that is also beneficial to you is the cost. An employee that you permanently hire in your company is significantly more expensive than the freelance specialist. Together with the flexibility and freedom you get from this, our concept convinces many customers.

Ultimately, one thing is particularly important in medicine and nursing: to be flexible and professionally equipped at all times. To make this possible, BW-Med-Consult helps you with the mediation.

Which areas does our freelance staff cover?


We mainly specialize in personnel from the following areas:

• Nurses for the elderly and nursing, as well as child care
• Trained doctors
• therapists
• Healing education staff

This describes only part of our field of activity. When making our selection, we pay particular attention to good qualifications, a convincing job reference and good knowledge of German. We have been filling vacancies from our customers with competent employees from all areas of medicine for more than 10 years.

Support from our agency


Our agency also offers excellent support for formalities for German applicants. Here it mainly refers to the registration of freelance work and the regulations with the insurance company. When changing location, the search for accommodation is of course also included, so that employees can also be guaranteed a unique customer experience with us.